Stacy VanDer Velden


Dear Richard,
On behalf of Travis & Jess, Brett and Jen, and Duane and myself, we would like to sincerely thank you for the excellent job you have done on each of our individual “stories”. We thank you for your kindness, professionalism, craftsmanship and time – it has not gone un-noticed, and, we are all very appreciative, in fact we couldn’t thank you enough. When our father heard of what you were doing for us all, he wanted to make something special – “to the hand that crafted such beautiful rings!!” Dad made you a pen, out of a piece of wood called tiger murtyl . Please accept this small gift as a symbol of our gratitude. To us it is very special that you have made my brothers and my rings – all the VanDer Veldens. Here’s a cheers to you Richard and to your continued success.

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